Specialising in architectural design, planning consultation, conservation and project management, our architectural practice covers Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Llanelli, Swansea and Cardiff.


Linda and Rhodri have worked on numerous housing schemes over their careers.  They have worked on a range of projects includes, one-off housing, barn conversions, social housing, housing for the elderly and housing designed specifically for disabled people.

On some schemes they have been involved in all RIBA Stages including developing the brief and feasibility studies, concept design, planning applications, technical design, building regulations drawings, specification, contract administrator role, site inspections.

Linda’s dual professional qualification of an Architect/ Planner is extremely useful in negotiating schemes through the planning process.  Linda has also been involved in viability assessments for some of the housing schemes.

Moorfield Court, Narberth

BABB Architects have been commissioned to re-design a housing scheme for CLS Civil Engineering on a site in Narberth. A Section 73 planning application has been submitted.

Linda – Lead designer (RIBA Stage 3)

Rhodri – BIM Task Team Manager

Client: CLS Civil Engineering Ltd

Date: 2023

Location: Narberth, Pembrokeshire

Collaborators: CLS Engineering

The following provides information on a selection of projects which Rhodri and Linda have worked on, evidencing their experience.  As BABB Architects is a new practice, projects that were undertaken at Acanthus Holden (AH) are acknowledged. For each project the role of each is described.

Wauniago Housing, Carmarthen (2022-23)

Stage 3 designs for this housing scheme were produced by Carmarthenshire County Council. The scheme involved a terrace of general needs housing consisting of 3 two-bedroom houses and a four-bedroom house. The scheme was designed to follow the fabric first approach with highly insulated external fabric, Passivhaus-like detailing and heating systems which avoided the use of fossil fuels. Acanthus Holden were commissioned to take the scheme forward to RIBA Stage 4 and Linda and Rhodri had the following roles for this stage:

Linda – Lead designer (RIBA Stage 4)

Rhodri  – BIM Task Team Manager and technical detailing RIBA Stage 4

(Whilst at Acanthus Holden)

Client: Lloyd and Gravell

Date: 2022-23

Location: Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

Collaborators: Lloyd and Gravell, Carmarthenshire County Council, Bullock Consulting, Treharne Homes, Roger Casey Associates

Housing at Angle, Pembrokeshire

This social housing scheme is over 20 years old but is an example of a social housing scheme Linda has designed in her previous practice (Acanthus Holden). To the rear of the scheme is market housing which Linda also designed some years later.

Client: Pembrokeshire Housing Association

Location: Angle, Pembrokeshire

Collaborators: Teague Construction